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Mazurka & Mack – Sept 2019

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“Pepper” (Woofy World Mazurka) X “Mack” (Alpine Labradoodles Mack)
Puppies DOB: Sep 28, 2019
Expected Home Date: week of Dec 1 – 7, 2019

The Woofy World family has 2 new Black and White Parti boys, and 1 new Black and White Parti girl.

Expected sizes: 15-22 lbs, Expected heights: 14-16″ to their backs.

Mazurka & Mack – Week Nine

Salty’s operation went well and he is growing nicely. He is spending his time playing with the three girls from Samba’s litter.

Mazurka & Mack – Week Eight

Salty is getting big and becoming even more playful. He is going in for his operation on Wednesday, and will be ready to go home next week.

Mazurka & Mack – Week Seven

Salty is doing well, he is playing up a storm. He likes to go and play with his cousins.

Mazurka & Mack – Week Six

Salty is still doing well, he is up to three meals a day. The meals are still watered down but he getting harder and harder kibble.

Mazurka & Mack – Week Five

Salty is doing well, he is turning into quite the little character. He likes to come over for his pets each day and wrestle with mom. He is a fun puppy with a great nature.

Mazurka & Mack – Week Four

Salty is doing well, he is still gaining weight nicely. He is up and running around; still a few miss steps and tumbles, but he is getting the hang of it. He is also climbing all over his mom and trying to take her on in ear pulling competitions.

Mazurka & Mack – Week Three

Salty is doing well and gaining weight quickly. He is becoming quite the little character.

Mazurka & Mack – Week Two

Salty is doing well, he is still on the antibiotics, but is showing no signs of pneumonia and will be coming off meds soon. He is taking on a bit of the characteristics of The Hulk being the only puppy with access to all the milk.

Mazurka & Mack – Week One

Week one has been a trying time for us here at Woofy World with Mazurka and her crew. Mazurka is a first time mom, and some difficulties are expected in order for our first time moms to make the transition from single dog to mom. In the past we have had some minor transition periods for our first time moms while we wait for their natural instincts to kick in, and they become fantastic moms. This has not happened for Mazurka, she is proving to not be a natural mother, and her natural instincts have not kicked in. After a very long week of working with Mazurka, hand feeding puppies, vet visits, and antibiotics I was able to save one of her puppies. Salty (the puppy’s name) is gaining weight nicely now, he is still on antibiotics to combat pneumonia, but is expected to do well.