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Fox Trot’s Litter – Jan. 25th, 2018

Australian Labradoodle Puppies For Sale in Kelowna, B.C.
“Foxie” (Woofy World Fox Trot) X “Kolo” (DoodleLane’s Lord of the Dance Kolo)
Puppies DOB: Jan. 25th, 2018 Home Date: Mar. 31st-April 2nd, 2018

The theme of this litter is “Pokemon” so we have some pretty cool puppy names!
We have 7 Beautiful Puppies from this litter as follows:
3 Chocolate Phantom Females
1 Apricot/White Parti Female
3 Apricot Males.

Expected sizes: 15-22 lbs, Expected heights: 14-16″ to their backs.

To view pictures of Fox Trot & Kolo’s Past Puppies,
please visit their Past Puppies Page Fox Trot & Kolo page.
Please see our Upcoming Litters Page for our upcoming litters for 2018/19.

Fox Trot & Kolo’s Puppies – 7 1/2 Weeks Old

These little munchkins are all doing fabulous. They all received their 1st DAPP puppy vaccine and are all super healthy.

Fox Trot & Kolo’s Puppies – First Play in the snow

The puppies have been out for their first play in the snow. Fun was had by all.

Fox Trot & Kolo’s Puppies – 5 Weeks Old

The puppies are doing great with their potty training. They are all about 70% trained which is great at this young age. They are all still loving their mushy food too!

Fox Trot & Kolo’s Puppies – 4 Weeks Old

The puppies have reached that adorably funny stage with their antics and discovery of a voice! They have started tiny amounts of mushy food which they love. Their mom Fox Trot is one of the sweetest dogs around and such an amazing mom.

Fox Trot & Kolo’s Puppies – 3 Weeks Old

The puppies are all doing really well. They have started their potty training on an artificial turf mat. They are a lot more mobile and are starting to wrestle lightly with each other.

Fox Trot & Kolo’s Puppies – 2 Weeks Old

All of the puppies now have their eyes and ears open. They are all starting to walk around – very clumsy though!

Fox Trot & Kolo’s Puppies – 1 Week Old

The puppies are all progressing really well and have doubled their birth weights already! We are enjoying doing The Super Dog program with all of them.

Fox Trot & Kolo’s Puppies – Just Born

Fox Trot and Kolo’s puppies have arrived. They have 7 beautiful, healthy puppies: 3 Males & 4 Females. The 3 apricot puppies are all males. The 3 chocolate phantoms plus the apricot/white parti are all females.