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Samba’s Puppies – Feb. 17th, 2018

“Samba” (Woofy World Samba) X “Kolo” (DoodleLane’s Lord of the Dance Kolo)
Puppies DOB: Feb. 17th, 2018 Home Date: April 19th – 22nd, 2018
The theme of this litter is “Trees”. We hope that you like the names!

We have 6 Lovely Puppies from this litter as follows:
1 Black/White Parti Female
1 Black/White Parti Male
1 Tri-coloured Male (Choc/Wht/Tan)
1 Solid Chocolate Male
2 Chocolate Parti Males

Expected sizes: 15-20 lbs, Expected heights: 14-15″ to their backs.

To view pictures of Samba’s & Kolo’s Past Puppies,
please visit the Samba & Kolo page.
Please see our Upcoming Litters Page for our upcoming litters for 2018/19.

Samba & Kolo’s Puppies – Video

These are Samba and Kolo’s puppies having their first play on the grass. Both Spitfire and Lexus from Calypso and Kolo’s litter are here playing as well.

Samba & Kolo’s Puppies – 4 1/2 Weeks Old

These puppies are very funny to watch play and wrestle lightly with each other and their toys. As you can see, they have had fun playing in the water bowl. They are all doing absolutely amazing!

Samba & Kolo’s Puppies – 2 Weeks Old

All of puppies now have both their ears and eyes open. They are starting to stumble around and explore their surroundings. The pigment on their spotty noses is also filling in nicely.

Samba & Kolo’s Puppies – 1 Week Old

These plump little puppies are doing so well. Samba is such an awesome, attentive mom to her pups.

Samba & Kolo’s Puppies – Just Born

Samba and Kolo’s puppies have arrived. They have 6 beautiful, healthy puppies: 5 Males & 1 Female. We have 1 solid coloured chocolate Male, 2 Chocolate Parti Males, 1 Tri-coloured Male (Choc/Wht/Tan), 1 Black & White Parti Male and 1 Black & White Parti Female.