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Mazurka & Chip’s Puppies – 2021

“Pepper” (Woofy World Mazurka) X “Chip” (Companion Creek Aspen’s Chip O’ Gold)
DOB: May. 13th, 2021
Expected Home Date: week of Jul. 11 – 17, 2021

We would like to announce the addition of five new puppies to the Woofy World Family. We have four Chocolate Parti puppies (one female and three males). We also have one male tri-coloured puppy. They are going to be the “The Big Bang Theory” litter with Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj, and Penny.

Expected sizes: 15-22 lbs, Expected heights: 14-16″ to their backs.

Mazurka & Chip’s Puppies – 7 Weeks Old

Our Big Bang group are doing great. They are taking to their kennel training, and are on their way to being fantastic puppies. They are doing a lot of playing outside and learning how to interact with the other dog in the house.

Mazurka & Chip’s Puppies – 6 Weeks Old

Our Big Bang group are having a lot of fun, with even more visits outside to the grass. They have made it to eating solid foods three times a day are super excited when it is meal time. We will start crate training this coming week.

Mazurka & Chip’s Puppies playing on the grass for the first time

Mazurka & Chip’s Puppies – 5 Weeks Old

Our Big bang crew are still growing fast and enjoying life. they have grown to know when feeding time is and are right on track for solid food. Pee mat training is still continuing to come along as well. They are also getting very demanding for pets each and every time we see them. They are very cute.

Mazurka & Chip’s Puppies – 4 Weeks Old

Our Big bang crew are growing up fast. I regret to inform everyone that the week 4 pictures were lost in the technical problems that we were experiencing last week. I have tried to recover them but they have all been corrupted. However: the Big Bang Crew have started their pee mat training and we have two already that have started to catch on. The rest I’m sure will be close behind

Mazurka & Chip’s Puppies – 3 Weeks Old

Our Big bang crew are having fun. They have their eyes open, and this means it is time to really explore their surroundings and of course wrestle with their litter mates.

Mazurka & Chip’s Puppies – 2 Weeks Old

Our Big bang crew are doing well and growing fast. They are starting to crawl around and explore a little. Mom is doing a great job.

Mazurka & Chip’s Puppies – 1 Week Old

The puppies are doing great, feeding well, and gaining weight. Mazurka is being a great mom. We are going to call this litter “The Big Band Theory” litter.