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Lindy and Chip’s Puppies – 2023

“Lindy” (Alpine Labradoodles Lindy) X “Chip” (Companion Creek Aspen’s Chip O’ Gold)
Puppies DOB: Dec 22th, 2022
Expected Home Date: week of Feb 27 – Mar 6 2023

We would like to welcome five new members to the Woofy World Family. We have two new females: one black parti and one chocolate parti. We also have three new males: one solid chocolate, one chocolate/tan phantom, and one black parti.

Expected sizes: 15-22 lbs, Expected heights: 14-16″ to their backs.

Lindy & Chip’s Puppies – 6 Weeks Old

The Reindeer crew are a great crew. They will be starting their kennel training soon, and we don’t think there will be any problems. They have been playing outside their pen and they are starting to think they are big dogs now. 🙂 The pictures are of them just after a bath.

Lindy & Chip’s Puppies – 5 Weeks Old

Our fun friends are having a great time still, and growing like champs. They have taken to solid food and enjoy it like all new puppies. They are also still running around and having fun playing.

Lindy & Chip’s Puppies – 4 Weeks Old

The Reindeer crew are a great crew. They have been doing great and are doing well starting their solid food. The potty training is going well, and we are starting to get the idea of using the mat.

Lindy & Chip’s Puppies – 3 Weeks Old

The Reindeer crew are doing fantastic. They are exploring their enclosure and having a great time. They are also starting to wrestle and have fun. Their cousins that are still here are being very friendly and they are enjoying going over to visit them. We have had some issues and the week 3 pictures have been overwritten. After trying to retrieve them from back-ups and failing we have decided to use week 3 as a place holder for all of our odd pictures.

Lindy & Chip’s Puppies – 2 Weeks Old

The reindeer crew are doing well with some of them already opening their eyes. they are all gaining weight like they should be and are on track to being healthy happy puppies.

Lindy & Chip’s Puppies – 1 Week Old

Since these little ones were born so close to Christmas, we have decided that they will be our Reindeer crew. They are all doing well and are gaining weight like little champs. Lindy is doing a great job of her last litter of little ones, she is a fantastic mom.