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Calypso’s Puppies – Feb. 15th, 2019

Australian Labradoodle Puppies For Sale in Kelowna, B.C.
“Callie” (Woofy World Calypso) X “Kolo” (DoodleLane’s Lord of the Dance Kolo)
The theme of this litter is “Valentines”
Puppies DOB: Feb. 15th, 2019, Home Date: April 19th-23rd, 2019

We have 6 Lovely Puppies from this litter as follows:
2 Chocolate Males with splashes of white
1 Chocolate Parti Male
1 Apricot Parti Female
1 Chocolate Parti Female
1 Apricot Female (Possible Phantom)
Expected sizes: 15-20 lbs, Expected heights: 14-15″ to their backs.

Calypso & Kolo’s Puppies – 8 Weeks Old

All the puppies are doing well after their surgeries and first set of vaccinations. They are playing like nothing has happened, and the visit to the vet was nothing more than a fun field trip. We had a little fun with the pictures this week. The puppies are in a basket under a blanket.

Calypso & Kolo’s Puppies – Fun Playtime

Calypso and Kolo’s Puppies having a fun time playing over the last couple of weeks.

Calypso & Kolo’s Puppies – 7 Weeks Old

The puppies are getting bigger and enjoying life to the fullest.

Calypso & Kolo’s Puppies – 6 Weeks Old

The puppies are doing great. They have been out to play in the yard a few times and love to explore and find those great treasures that back yards hold (Sticks, maple seeds, pine cones…)

Calypso & Kolo’s Puppies – Just Over 5 Weeks Old

Calypso and Kolo’s Puppies get to come out of their pen and play in the snow for the first time.

Calypso & Kolo’s Puppies – 5 Weeks Old

All the puppies are coming along great, they are doing well with their potty training, and have started on some very mushy solid food.

Calypso & Kolo’s Puppies – 4 Weeks Old

Sorry for the delay in posting. We were having some technical problems. All the puppies are coming along great, they have started their potty training, and are starting to wrestle and play with each other. I have also included a group play picture, right after they had lunch.

Calypso & Kolo’s Puppies – 3 Weeks Old

The puppies are having a great time. They are starting to explore their enclosure and wrestle with each other.

Calypso & Kolo’s Puppies – 2 Weeks Old

All is going well. Everyone is gaining weight as expected and Cuddly, Coco, Valentine, and Honey have started to open their eyes. Sorry to say but you are not able to see their eye in this album. Maybe the next set of pictures.

Calypso & Kolo’s Puppies – 1 Week Old

Puppies are doing well, they are gaining weight and enjoying time with mom.