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About Us


I (Marcel) grew up surrounded by the love of many animals ranging from dogs to horses.

Having grown up surrounded by the joy that pets bring, it was easy to see how my over-whelming love of animals developed from a young age.

I have been working professionally with dogs for many years. With my current business “Woofy World Kennels & Daycare”, I have gained many dog handling and manners training skills which I enjoy extending to my kennel & daycare dogs, and labradoodle puppies. It was easy to see how the Australian Labradoodle caught my attention as a breed that trained up quickly due to their high intelligence and eagerness to please. I am a registered breeder of the ALAA and WALA.

Marcel has many years of professional dog handling experience. He is at ease handling a wide variety of dogs with very different personalities, as he has a great understanding of how dogs think and interact. His youth was spent on a farm in northern Alberta, where he grew up surrounded by all kinds of pets and livestock. Marcel has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Programming.