We are the proud owner of Watson, what a joy he is in our life! When we first called to inquire about getting a dog, Hayley and Marcel had been busy all day as 8 new beautiful puppies were born that day. We thought: this is it, it’s meant to be, one of them will be ours! 😉 No matter how busy they were, the owners always managed to find the time to answer all of our questions and explained in detail the process. Every week, we could not wait to see the lovely pictures and videos that Hayley and Marcel would put here in order for us to see the puppies grow. One thing that really impressed us was their ability to show us the dog’s temperament and personality through their lenses. When it was time (finally, we were so excited!), our puppy had to be flown across the country as we live in Ontario. Hayley and Marcel were pros in dealing with the air cargo carrier and in reassuring us along the way. Watson got home safe and sound, he smelled so good and was well mannered, we have been in love with him ever since. He is such a bundle of joy and he has so much love to give, which is a direct reflection of the love, attention and care he has received since birth in Hayley and Marcel’s home. Their whole family is involved in raising the puppies and in loving them. Watson’s temperament is so calm and cuddly, we could not imagine our life without him. We highly recommend Woofy World Labradoodles and should we want to expand our family, we will only deal with Hayley and Marcel as they are truly THE BEST. Thank you for everything, we miss you!

Annie Routhier & Hector Chiasson
Hawkesbury, Ontario



We’ve had our beautiful Woofy World Labradoodle for a week now. We are all head over heels in love with her! Not only is Polly beautiful, she has the sweetest demeanour. She loves playing with the kids, a quick learner, and super cuddly. She sleeps thought the night and had already learned to sit for her meals. Marcel and Hayley were a pleasure to deal with. You can tell they love their dogs and are concerned with their well being. They had plenty of time to chat and go over all of our questions leading up to our puppy arriving as well as after her arrival. Our vet was very pleased with Polly at her first check up. She also was very impressed with her temperament and commented on how calm she was and how she had clearly been handled a lot. We would highly recommend Hayley and Marcel and their gorgeous Labradoodles!

Dolores Villalobos
Calgary, AB





We were very fortunate with our first dog who is a healthy, happy, smart and loving little fellow despite the fact that he likely came from a puppy mill.

When researching for a second dog, we found that many of the options did not give us the comfort of knowing exactly where and what kind of environment the dog would be exposed to during his first few months.   By chance, we met one of Woofy World’s Labradoodles in our local park and were immediately impressed with the dog’s enthusiastic personality and that the breeder was just on the other side of the orchard from us.   We made an appointment to meet Hayley and Marcel along with the potential parents and some of their siblings and again, we were impressed with the happy temperament and general demeanor of all five of the dogs we saw.

Hayley and Marcel clearly knew what they were doing and stated that we would get a healthy, well socialized puppy that will be crate trained, mat trained, know his name etc. all done in the environment of their home and family.   That is exactly what we got, a healthy, well socialized, smart and loving little guy with a wonderful temperament.

After 3 weeks and no discernible separation anxiety, Jake is basically house trained, comes on command, understands no, plays fetch, sits, lays down, rolls over, shakes a paw and happily sleeps all night in his crate.   Like any puppy, he needs to chew but with supervision, has not chewed anything but his toys and will stop chewing the wrong things with a simple no.   He adds a new trick to his repertoire every 5 days, next is stay, then dance and then jump through your arms.   Unbelievably smart!   We could not be happier and Jake exceeds all of our expectations.    Thank you so much Hayley and Marcel.

Brian & Tannis Clegg
Kelowna, B.C.



We brought our new labradoodle puppy home less than a week ago. Our puppy was beautifully prepared for life in a family. Hayley and Marcel had already begun puppy training and Cohen sleeps through the night, obeys simple commands and delightfully, has few accidents. He is well socialized and a joy to have around. Hayley and Marcel are incredibly knowledgeable and continue to be a great resource to us as a family. We are grateful to have a puppy who has had such a healthy and loving start in life!

Christine Bonney
Kelowna, B.C.