Tango and Charlie Chaplin’s litter (Aug. 5th, 2015)

PAST LITTERS – All puppies from our past litters have been sold.

Parents: Manor Lake Tango & Dreamlands Charlie Chaplin’s Litter
Puppies DOB: August 5th, 2015

Tango Australian Labradoodle

Manor Lake Tango

“Dreamlands Charlie Chaplin”

Alpine Labradoodles Charlie Chaplin

The parents of this litter, Tango and Charlie, hit it off as as soon as they met and both have such great personalities. Puppies are expected to be 16-18lbs in size, approx’ 15-16″ in height to their backs.

To view more pictures of these puppies, please see the albums below.

All puppies from this past litter has been sold. Our next litter will be in the fall of 2016.

Tango & Charlie Chaplin’s Puppies – 16 Weeks Old

Curly and Fuzzy have very sweet temperaments and are fabulous with children.

Tango & Charlie Chaplin’s Puppies – 12 Weeks Old

Puppy #1 and Puppy #3 (Apricot/White) – Sold.
Puppy #6 (Black/White Male) is Sold.
Puppy #7 (Black/White with Tan Female) has gone to a Guardian Home Family.

Tango & Charlie Chaplin’s Puppies – 9-11 Weeks Old

Tango & Charlie Chaplin’s Puppies – 8 Weeks Old

The puppies have all received their first DAPP vaccinations and are all doing well.

Tango & Charlie Chaplin’s Puppies – 7 Weeks Old

The puppies love playing outside on the grass in the sunshine.

Tango & Charlie Chaplin’s Puppies – 6 Weeks Old

This is sure a smart litter of puppies. They are only 6 weeks of age and their potty training is going so well.

Tango & Charlie Chaplin’s Puppies – 5 Weeks Old

All of the puppies are still doing well and are so playful now. They are starting to get their puppy teeth through and are enjoying chewing on their chew toys.

Tango & Charlie Chaplin’s Puppies – 4 Weeks Old

The puppies have all started eating small amounts of solid food and are all thriving. They are all so playful and getting more steady on their feet daily. They are so much fun!

Tango & Charlie Chaplin’s Puppies – 3 Weeks Old

All of the puppies are now able to walk and slide around. They have also discovered their voices and are very amused by their own little barks!

Tango & Charlie Chaplin’s Puppies – 2 Weeks Old

All of the puppies ears and eyes have opened, and they are all trying to stand up on all 4 legs. This is a very special time as they are all so curious about the world they can now see!

Tango & Charlie Chaplin’s Puppies – 1 Week Old

These adorable puppies are all doing so well. Most of them have already doubled their birth weights!